Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why Not Wikipedia?

I'd like to apologize for my previous post. Not it's length, not that it was math, but I'd like to apologize for it's location.

With all of the links in that post being links to wikipedia articles, you may have wondered why I didn't just refer you to the wikipedia page on homotopy colimits, and be done with it. Well, unless I'm missing something, there isn't a wikipedia page on homotopy colimts (or their dual, homotopy limits). Ok, fair enough. Wikipedia is extensive, but nobody expects it to be complete. So why didn't I make the homotopy colimit page?

Laziness. I like the format of my previous post, whether you do or not. But I don't believe that it is what a wikipedia article should look like. I wish I would sit down and take the time to write a proper wikipedia article. But there are lots of things I wish I were doing that I'm not, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. For now, you can join me in hating me for not correcting this gap in wikipedia.

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