Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ghosts Vocals

I was poking around through some old files on my computer, and ran across some lyrics I'd tried to transcribe a while back for Clint Mansell's "Ghosts (Vocal Version)" off the Requiem for a Dream: Remixed cd. Guess I'm not sure how accurate they are, but I thought I'd share (hope it's not some copyright violation or something stupid):

speaking, avoiding talking
haunted, the voice is calling
warning, its time to set this down
not seeing, not hearing, not believing
man not even caring
this should all come down

its dark and i'm afraid
this is the nightmare i have made
haunted by the ghosts of you
can't win a draw
only sunsets and sunrise
are you happy
or just keeping warm
i don't know
cause i have never felt like this before
can you tell, can you see
i don't believe in me

pull me from the wreckage
of a life grown more pathetic
even i can see the message
time to treat yourself more precious
shine a light into the darkness
put some life in to the deadness
where there used to be a head nest
now its just a f***ing mess


wrap your beauty round me
kill the fears that surround me
a temporary diversion
just an exit from this hurt
body fueled by pain and poison
mind is stopped its rhyme and reason
acceptance is a state of mind
except you changed your mind
now i'm gone inside
confusion's bled me dry
how could it be everything
now its not anything

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