Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funny Ad

Here in the math department at UVA, many of the calculus classes use online homework systems. I have used WeBWorK for my classes, and recently some classes have used WebAssign (because it was part of the textbook deal, or something). Both do basically the same thing: let instructors create a batch of problems (drawn from a repository) to assign to students, which they then complete by entering the answers online. I'm a fan of the idea, because it gives the students lots of problems to do and earn points for, while keeping the amount of grading the instructor has to do to a lower level.

Anyway, to the ad. WebAssign sent out the following mailer to some of the graduate students here at UVA:
I think it is hilarious. I'm not sure which of the two following interpretations we're supposed to use:
  1. If you get left at the alter, WebAssign is there for you.
  2. If all of your friends are married except you, WebAssign is there for you.
Either way, I'm amused. Perhaps you have another interpretation?

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