Monday, May 5, 2008

Notes in Reader

Fun new feature in Google Reader: add notes to shared items. I've been wanting this recently, so that when I share a feed, I can attach my own little blurb. And it comes with a bookmarklet, so now I can share items without having found them from a feed. Hurray! My own little digg (minus digg's RDFa I guess).

A few things:
  1. What is the keyboard shortcut? [Update 8 May 2008: Shift-D]
  2. In the box that pops up where I enter my note, it has a check box for 'Add to shared items'. What happens when I uncheck that? Where does my note go? It doesn't seem to go to my Google Notebook(s). [Ok, it seems to just go to 'Notes' under 'Your Stuff' on the left panel of Reader, and I guess looking at it there I could then 'Share' it]
  3. I've got the shared items widget on this blogger page, but it ignores my notes. That needs to not happen.
  4. [Added after first posting] How do I un-note something?
In fact, if the bookmarklet gave me the option of not bookmarking the current page (just making a share-able note), then I can roll my shared items and twitter feed all into one. That'd be totally sweet. Google, I know you are listening...

[Update (<5 minutes after original post): Also something relatively new (I never saw announcements for it, and it didn't seem to be there a few days ago) in reader is that you can see who your friends are that can see your shared items. Of course... I don't have many :( ]
[Update (<10 minutes after original post): Could this be a step in liberating twitter? Also I noticed my first link was a link to a feedburner page, so I updated that]

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