Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beach Week

I'm headed to the beach this week (in South Carolina, if you care). I'll be taking my computer(s) (that's right, I just might use my XO to read some pdfs on the beach, or take pictures?), but I'm debating about taking the week off from keeping up with my feeds. I also don't expect I'll blog or tweet (don't fret, I'll be back before too long). I wonder if I'll actually stick to 'no feed reading', how many items I'll have at the end of the week to catch up on, and how thorough I'll be in doing so. People say unplugging is supposed to be good sometimes, and I'm thinking I might test that. I just wonder how much reading I'll have to do at the other end to make up for it.

I'm wondering what I'll miss this week
  • XO-2 gets unveiled Tuesday. XP or no, perhaps it'll have some new cool hardware.
  • MicroHoo back in the news
  • All the recent fun about dataportability wrt MySpace, Facebook, and Google. Maybe somebody (my guess is not one of these three) new will come along this week and actually do dataportability, instead of just social network interactivity.
  • Something fun and exciting in the semantic web sphere? Maybe I'll get my twine beta invite (I'm not counting on it).
And what will get done, with all this time free from reading rss feeds?
  • Notes for the calc class I'm teaching in the fall?
  • Editing Lie groups notes from this semester?
  • Progress on research?
  • Sunburns? More blisters from running? Learning something about my friends?
Have a good week. Look for a stream of shared items (if you are following those. You are certainly welcome to.) and perhaps r?ttd's next weekend.

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