Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sometime in April I started wondering about giving myself a haircut. Everybody "knows" it's a bad idea, so I was curious to see just how poorly it would go. I waited until the end of the semester, and then went for it. Since I was expecting disaster, I thought I'd document the process with some photos. It actually went better than expected, so I didn't bother much with the pictures. But last night I was going through some other pictures, ran across these ones, and got a chuckle out of them. So I thought you might as well.

Here's one before getting started:

And then I brushed it up, generally good for a laugh:

I'm vaguely reminded of Eraserhead.

After these two, I stood over the sink with a pair of scissors, grabbing bits of hair and chopping off those that felt long. Here's the result:

Probably a photo from the back would be a bit more like what you'd expect of giving yourself a haircut... but I'm only so flexible. I guess the trick with giving yourself a haircut is: if you cut everything short enough, you can't really go wrong.

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