Friday, March 28, 2008

Opera on the XO

Seems worth it. You get tabbed browsing, for one. And keyboard shortuts. The install is easy, and fairly quick. Of course, now that I'm back here, different things seem to be broken on blogger. I guess that's ok. since, like I said, I don't plan on posting much here from my XO. Reader ang gmail work fine.

Ok, sorry about the picture. I wanted to try it. I'll try harder next time, or so.

Opera shrinks everything way down, so I can see a lot more of the screen than with XO's Browse activity. Of course, that makes the text smaller... But there are nice and handy zoom buttons.

I did chek out the zoom features for the pdf reader, which were the standard zoom features. The touchpad seems somewhat strangley set up for when you use the (cool) screen rotation feature. So if you want to read something sideways you press the rotate button, and turn your XO sideways, and the 'up' and 'down' have some seemingly strange definitions in terms of the touchpad. I guess in reader mode you are supposed to fold the screen down flat, covering the touchpad in the process. And then the 'game controls' are going to take a little getting used to. One of the 'down' buttons takes you to the very end of your document. Nice for jumping quickly to references in a pdf, I suppose. But probably not as handy as a simple page down. And the button that seems to page down seeed to be pagng down too far, so I'd then have to sroll back up.

Anyway, these are just my impressions from the first few hours. I like new toys :)

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