Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New NIN!

Ok, so I know I'm two days behind. I saw the news Sunday evening. When I went to ghosts.nin.com to download/buy/check it out, the site was very slow. I was able to read what was up, but couldn't connect to the store to make a purchase. Monday morning I woke up and was able to connect to the store, and put in my order (note: the \$10 cd has a \$7 S&H). Ordering a cd, you also get one free download (of the whole album, not just the 9 tracks released freely to anybody), so I tried that. After not too long my download stopped, as I guess the store got overwhelmed again. When I tried to reconnect, it said I couldn't use the same download link, because it was a single download. Saddened, I emailed the support, and waited (vaguely patiently) all day without hearing anything. Even this morning, no response. So I went back to my old download link, and tried again. Success!

So I'm listening to the album now. I'm only on my second go, and I'm not very good at opinions. I've liked all the nine inch nails albums I've ever heard, and I can't expect this'll be any different. The only problem I notice for now is that I'm mostly a sing-a-long kinda guy (despite any lack of talent, or tone), which is difficult with an instrumental album. I try anyway :) The tracks do seem quieter than some other instrumental-only tracks from previous albums, but again, I need a few more listens to say anything (which I'll probably spare you anyway).

If you are looking for music, I, of course, recommend you check it out. Also, the puscifer album is entirely enjoyable, and streams for free on their page.

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