Sunday, March 30, 2008

LaTeX on the XO

I'm writing from my XO again, for no particularly good reason. Maybe if I use it enough I'll get better at typing on it.

I thought I'd try installing LaTeX on my XO today. I don't know that I'll use it much, at least until I relearn how to type. But anyway. It was entirely easy to install...

su -
yum install lyx
yum install xpdf

from the terminal. Probably installing lyx (the editor) is more than strictly necessary (since I don't really like my editor taking over my TeX), but it seems to get all the proper packages installed as dependencies. For instance, yum install tetex wasn't quite enough to do LaTeX (though I didn't try it, I expect I could have done plain TeX). I forgot to df before I started, but my drive is now 50% used, so I think installing the packages above was about 150M.

Mostly to see if I could, I then TeXed up a picture I found in the common room at school recently. To give you some indication, it was titled "Greek Mathematician with Fish". I hope, now that I have TeXed it, to find the original creator and get permission to post it online. Until then...

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