Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wiki Watch

So... its only been fairly recently that I've gotten into rss feeds and things. But I've been really enjoying them. And just the other day I realized an application of them that I would like. I knew that in wikipedia you can tag a page to 'watch', if you are logged in. Then you can view a page of your watchlist, and it will show what pages were recently updated. I've always felt a little bad about not being an active member of the wikipedia editing community, so I thought this would be a great step in the right direction. I could make a watch list of math pages I feel comfortable about, and then watch out for vandalism (which I don't honestly expect happens much with math pages) and just updated articles. And I figured since the page was updated regularly by wikipedia, it'd have an rss feed I could use. That's where it fell apart. I was pretty suprised to find that your personal watchlist doesn't have an rss feed (the rss feed firefox picks up on the page is just the global recently updated pages feed). I looked online, and there seem to be a few people that have written php scripts to create an rss feed... but come on wikipedia.

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