Sunday, February 17, 2008

Staples Commercial

There's a commercial I've heard a few times recently on the radio that upsets me a little. Its a commercial for Staples. They are playing the famous audio clip from the moon landing, and interrupt the middle of it, saying something like 'Lets cut to something interesting', and go on to mention whatever sale. Except I've not heard the rest of the commercial, because I get distracted, being mildly aggravated.

Unless I'm missing something, landing on the moon was rather a big deal. I'm all for space exploration, and the space program. And so it saddens me to read little articles about how fewer and fewer people care about such things. Or think the space program is a waste of time or resources. I was born well after 'we' landed on the moon, but apparently before people starting losing interest, or something.

For anybody who wasn't sure, there was a post not too long ago about justifying the space program, from a financial standpoint. If you don't think we should be spending our money on such things, do have a look at the article. I seem to recall seeing other articles about how kids are growing up with less interest in space programs, and that one of the potential reasons was the lack of a huge exciting project like landing on the moon. With any luck, new ventures like SpaceShipOne and Virgin's space tourist programs will renew interest (and come down in price, so I can go someday). Or perhaps I'm mistaken about the lack of interest to begin with?

(And I have a hard time being upset with Staples for long. When you walk in, and realize all the vast potential of all that paper, and all those pencils... all neatly lined up... it gets me every time)

In other, not too unrelated, news, there's apparently supposed to be a pretty sweet lunar eclipse Wednesday. At least, it'll be sweet here on the east coast. I hope our weather holds.

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