Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm 1!

Yep, my first post was one year ago today (though technically, I suppose, my first actual post was a week later). Four short months later I got my first comment, and two more months after that I'd had a visitor from every continent except Antarctica. I've gotten 60 comments (though nearly half of them are from me, responding), and had 125 posts. A post every 3 days, and a comment once a week... I'll take it. Especially because this blog tends to ramble and be pointless, even when it pretends to have something to say. All the same, it's been fun.

I thought I'd go back through and pick out my favorite posts so far. But then I couldn't decide what to link back to, and felt bad linking to myself. Most of my favorites were math posts, so you can find them here, because they were tagged. Perhaps my most useful post, if you live in or near Charlottesville anyway, was my writeup about the Rivanna Trail. According to my feedjit widget, this is also the most popular post (at least, from the past n days, I think that's how it works), followed closely by GPS in Ubuntu (which I find kinda surprising, but who am I to judge?). The post I wish more people had seen was this one, about a decent travel mug. I'm still interested to hear about a good travel mug (lid, in particular), especially now that it's almost gift-giving season :).

So, anyway, Happy Birthday blog! I'm a mostly proud parent. Don't get too jealous of your younger sibling (even if it does math better than you). For those following along, feel free to follow me on twitter, or my reader shared items, if you aren't already. I'd love to reciprocate.