Friday, December 12, 2008

Camera Box

Last weekend I bought a Nikon S550 digital camera (on sale at Staples for a little while still, if you were thinking about it). I've been having a good time taking pictures (and getting them off my camera from the command line using gphoto2, totally sweet). When I went to clean up my room a bit and recycle the box, I noticed that the box itself was also pretty cool. The box had a cardboard insert separator, which, when unfolded, looked like:
What's nice about that is with the cuts it has, and the folds, it folds up through a series of rigid motions (no folding/rolling except for on the pre-scored lines) to the following separator:
The whole box itself was also folded from a single unit, which lies flat (when unfolded):
And here they are together:
I don't know. Perhaps it's not that impressive. But I really liked it. No tape on the box, just lots of nice folding. As an origami fan, it appealed to me. Plus it gave me more excuses to take pictures, and play with Picasa.

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