Thursday, July 31, 2008

I said I'd have one more post about Well, here it is. I've now got rss feeds available on (all news, math jokes news, for now). So if you're interested in the site, I'll probably just let you follow those. Then if you aren't interested, you don't have to hear too much about it here.

Logging in seems to work (as long as you have cookies enabled), though it won't get you much right now. The next thing I will write should let you rate jokes, if you are logged in, and then it'll be totally worth it.

One of the things I wanted to play with was another way to access the math jokes. If you direct your browser to, and it's a proper N (like N=1 works), you'll see a joke as part of the webpage. For example, if you follow the 'Random' joke link, it'll send you to a /jokeN. If you'd rather just get the raw joke text, you can send 'Accept: text/plain' in your HTTP header. I'm pretty sure this doesn't qualify this as a web API, but it's the closest I'm going to get for a while. If nothing in this paragraph made any sense, just ignore it.

Ok, I guess I better get back to things I'm actually supposed to be doing with my time...

[Update (July 31, 2008): Changed the feed links above to use feedburner. Nice to have stats sometimes, I guess.]

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