Sunday, July 6, 2008

Roku Box

My mom has been off and on thinking about joining Netflix for a little while. I've been a fan for several years. On my recent trip home I decided to sign her up, and while I was at it I bought her one of the Roku set-top boxes. I was curious how it would go, and hoping it would help provide whatever sorts of entertainment she's after. If all else fails, and she really doesn't like it... well, I'd be happy to take up the burden.

She's had the box for about a week, and here's what she had to say:
I had the boondock saints in my instant queue, but after set-up nothing happened, so I couldn't get it to the box. TV kept saying "go to netflix and put something on your queue." Netflix kept saying "you can't watch movies on your Mac." I forgot the part about rolling cursor over title slowly so "add to instant queue" came up as an option. Finding something to PUT in my queue has been a challenge - nothing current or fun seems to be on the list, though it is rather hard to tell. I've watched 4 things so far, including the boondock saints.... Works well, and we'll see what I can find on the list...
So there you have it. Sounds like the limited library might be the only issue, after learning the interface.

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