Wednesday, January 30, 2008

XO Usage

This isn't to say I've had any XO usage. Sadly, I still don't have mine. For the past week or so I've had a 'Real Soon Now' idea about when I'd get it. Communication with the support people indicated I was in the system, and they were just waiting for laptops so they could ship them out. Silly me, I thought they probably were getting them regularly. Currently though, the delivery message from indicates that I (and everybody else waiting) will be waiting until at least the end of February. So my 'Real Soon Now' hope has faded, and has been replaced by 'Surely they meant end of January' feeling. I mean, no new shipment for a month? Sigh. On the wiki, it says that they had some mis-communication about just how many laptops had been ordered with G1G1, and so they didn't end up ordering enough. I guess that's good news, lots of laptops were donated. Except if lots of the people who haven't gotten one generate bad press.

[Update: I just got my email from Nick Negroponte. They were serious about the end of February. His email said another 45-60 days. Sigh. Maybe it'll be about the same time I get hit by a falling spy satellite.]

But anyway. I've been thinking I'd use my xo primarily as an ebook reader. I end up reading lots of things online, and lots of pdfs. And it seems like it'd be nice to read this in the xo form factor. So I've been saving a list of things in my google reader and a couple of links to pdfs for some math papers to read when I finally got my laptop. With the extra month to wait... perhaps I should just go ahead and read these things. Or should I stash a huge bunch of things to read, and then have a completely unproductive couple of days (unlike usual) when my laptop gets here?

Any of my loyal readers order and receive their xo already? What are you finding that you use it for the most? What did you expect to use it for?

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