Monday, January 21, 2008

LaTeX in Blogger

I'd really like to see native LaTeX support in blogger here. I'm sure the folks that keep this thing going could implement it.

Searching around a bit today, I found another thing I thought I'd try, until native support works out. So lets see.
$a^2+b^2=c^2$ and $e^{\pi i}+1=0$

Well holy crap, check that out. I found this from this blog post, but its a javascript file from a Dr. Woodall. I guess that means I have a javascript file to study :)

If you want to try it yourself (in blogger) you have to customize your template file. You do this by clicking the 'Template' tab and then 'Edit HTML'. There, put the following:

<script type="text/javascript"

after the <head> tag (line 7 for me). Then the .js file seems to take things between \$\$s (which you have to type in using a backslash) and converts the LaTeX to MathML, for display in browsers. Perhaps I'll dig through it a bit and see if that's actually true. If I understand (even if I don't), some browsers don't support mathml? Firefox works, which is all I need.


alexsmail said...

Cool. Very simple and works from the first time.
Thank you!

Peter said...

For me his replaces a grease monkey script that used a fellows server without his permission and he then shut it down.

Peter said...

This was what I was using that got shutdown.

Thanks you save another grad student blog.

kimberly said...
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