Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thompson v. Dvorak, OLPC

Yesterday's news, but I was tired yesterday from doing calc stuff: Bill Thompson, at BBC, replied to Dvorak's recent remarks about the OLPC program. And Thompson didn't agree with Dvorak; he thinks its a worthwhile program. I also like to think (hope) so. Because I like to think about getting an XO laptop (and therefore giving one). Still debating about it. With the $400 I could also get a nice couch I found at World Market today. The Studio Day Sofa looks to be what I've been thinking I want in some furniture, the next time I think about buying such a thing. If anybody knows of the same shape thing somewhere else for cheaper, I'd be happy to hear about it. Maybe someday I'll peak in an IKEA. Since this summer I'm moving for the 3rd time since getting to grad school, I'm not really looking to buy much in the way of heavy things to lift. Laptops aren't that heavy.

I almost forgot to mention another thought this debate sparked. It illustrates one of the things that draws me to math. In math, there really aren't that many arguments without a winner. If two people are arguing about the correctness of a statement, either they are both wrong, or exactly one is right. Clearly this is not the case in the real world. At least, this is the picture I have of the subject. Perhaps with more experience, I'll learn otherwise. But I certainly hope not. While I'm on the subject of arguments without winners, I'm tempted to touch on religion. But people get more riled up about that than laptops or math, and I don't really feel like (or see the point in) arguing with them.

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