Sunday, December 23, 2007


I don't expect anybody to care, but I want to have a record of it. This year I ran 1002.5 miles in 150 runs (6.68 miles per run avg.) totaling 120:41:32 for an average 8.31 miles per hour. Wouldn't mind getting the miles up and the time down next year. We'll see.

Sorry, to all my readers who waited eagerly over the past week or two for a new post. I was home and didn't feel like it. I was busy making origami and TeXing another book. Hopefully I'll have more to say again these days.

One thing I did do was change my google shortcut to use the keyboard shortcuts experimental feature. I love keyboard shortcuts. It was easy, just add '&esrch=BetaShortcuts' to the end of your request. Then I used the Ad-Blocker Plus Firefox extension to hide the message about how I'm currently using the keyboard shortcuts feature. Totally sweet.

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