Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Super Troopers

Super Troopers is one of my favorite movies. At some point recently I decided it was time to watch the Broken Lizard collection again. Then a friend pointed out their most recent just came out. So it's been a good time for movies recently.

As I was sitting down to watch Super Troopers, I thought up a fun project: try to pick a single frame "for" the movie. I haven't really been able to further describe what I mean... "advertising" the movie doesn't quite cut it, nor does "capturing", entirely. But something like that. So I pulled out a couple, and thought I'd share them. That's what the ends of semesters are for, right? Movies? I guess exam time was always Dr. Mario time when I was a student...

I've put a good line with most of the frames. It's not always the line going on in the frame, but it's nearby.

A friend who has seen the movie many times (perhaps not particularly recently) suggested the following from memory:
"Do we look like the two dumbest guys in the world to you?"

Another friend, who hasn't seen it quite so frequently, picked out the following scene (I grabbed what seemed a good frame to me):
"Good enough for me!"

There's a lot of magic in the first scene, but I'm not sure I found a particularly great frame. From it, I picked out:
"What'd you say man?"

Of course, one of the most-quoted lines, I expect comes at the burger joint:
"I don't want a large Farva."

But a good frame should probably be a little independent of the lines it suggests. There's a fair amount of humor tucked in this frame, but it might be a bit buried:
"Ten deep breaths, I got it 'cap."

This one's a little bit more obviously funny:
"Okee silly dilly dokey oh, I'm an idiot."

As is this one:
"Finish it up, rook."

I also like frames with the group, in uniform, but not looking particularly official, like:
"It's really funny 'cap. It's Afghanistanimation."

"Maybe we should take another look."

I think if somebody made me pick a single frame, it might just be this last one.

Apparently my point is you should probably just go watch it. And maybe let me know what frame(s) you'd pick.


Kate Nowak said...

The one that came to mind before I even looked at any of your screenshots was the next to last one.

Either that or something at or around "Ja I vas going vay too faaahst!"

sumidiot said...

@Kate I'm sorta impressed that that second to last frame range true for two of us. Certainly those Germans have potential... Good stuff.

Kate Nowak said...

Oh! I think I wrote that vay too fast. I meant the third to last one. The syrup chugging.

sumidiot said...

@Kate ahahah, that makes more sense. if they'd been chugging the catsup...