Thursday, January 7, 2010

Forgive Me, Gnu

Forgive me, Gnu, for the sins I am about to commit.

I have a plain old text file, whose contents are valid xml. It is my task to convert it into some sort of PowerPoint monstrosity.

Forgive me for embarking on this path. Forgive also those who have asked for said monstrosity, as they may know no better. Give me the strength to show them the light you have given the world. Indeed, thank you for showing me the way, that I decided initially to put my data into plain text, knowing that it could later be converted to anything.

I do not know if it is a larger sin, or some sort of compensation, that my current plan of attack is to first convert my file into an odp file. Or that I will be doing as much of the conversion as I can on a Linux system.

In the name of Stallman, Raymond, and Torvalds (and the many eyes I know not), amen.


Meekohi said...

As long as you use emacs, you shall be forgiven.

sumidiot said...

Oh no! Now we're also entering the editors holy war!

(I totally am using emacs though)

sumidiot said...

Also, I might be using reStructured Text, instead of converting to odp first. Reading up on the matter currently.