Saturday, August 15, 2009

Carter Mountain Orchard

Today I decided to go visit the Carter Mountain Orchard.

I'd never been, but enjoyed it, and recommend it if you're around Charlottesville. Especially if you want fruit. But you could also just go wander a little, it's got some nice views, as you might expect for the top of (what classifies around here as) a mountain.
The white building in the middle of that picture is the UVA Hospital, or so.

After wandering around the little country store they've got, I decided I'd go pick some fruit. It's enjoyable to just walk around between fruit trees.

I was surprised to notice that not all types of apple grow the same. I have this image in my head of apple trees with all of the apples isolated, hanging from little stems. Apparently this isn't always the case (or perhaps today was just early in the season?). "Golden Ginger" (I think) seem to grow in pairs, right next to the branch:
while these ones (possibly Red Delicious) grow more in clusters:

After a small sampling of apples, I wandered over to the peach section. The first several trees I saw had no obvious peaches, and I worried that I'd missed the season somehow. As I walked, though, the trees had more and more peaches. Some were a bit high for me (I saw people with little ladders, I wonder if you can rent them), but there were still plenty of delicious looking peaches in arms length.
Many of these peaches are still ripening, so there's still time left this fall to get delicious peaches.

The peaches are on the opposite side of the mountain from cville, with more nice views:

I kinda liked this tree:

On my way out, I stopped in the store again and picked up, among other things, some donuts. I'm always a sucker for donuts, and these looked delicious. I'm happy to report that they did not disappoint. If you don't have a particularly sweet tooth, though, you may want to share one with somebody.

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