Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Semi-Sierpinski St. Paddy's Sugar Cookies

Today I made some sugar cookies, with hopes of them coming out something close to the awesome Sierpinski Cookies I found here. This was my second time trying. The first time I used a package of sugar cookie mix, and it didn't work out for me at all. This time, I followed the recipe linked to from the above page and made my dough from scratch. They just about came out reasonable:

In that picture I have a few levels of iteration of the general idea. You'll notice, though, that at the highest iteration, the cookies aren't quite right. There is supposed to be one big green square in the middle, and 8 little green squares around the outside. Let's have another look at how one actually came out:

Where's the missing green square? I honestly have no idea. But all of my cookies are missing at least one, and sometimes two, of the green squares.

Ah well, they still taste good. And they came out well enough for me to maybe try again sometime.


Kate said...

I always think these sorts of things look like fun, and you actually go and do them. Bravo!

sumidiot said...

Thanks! It was fairly fun. I got a little tired after making the first collection of second-level iterations, so just did level-1 and -0 with the dough that was left. The recipe mentions using a Play-doh pusher thing to make strings of dough, perhaps that would have made things easier. All the same...