Friday, April 25, 2008

Upgrading to Hardy Heron (pt 1?)

I decided to use the built in update manager in ubuntu to upgrade to hardy heron today. It's been chugging along for about 6 hours now, so I'm thinking it might have been quicker to burn a cd and start from scratch. Plus then I get to mess about with doing lots of customization. But anyway, it got to a point where it said about 20 minutes remained, so I left it alone and went and did dishes. When I came back, it was stopped at 17 minutes remaining. In the terminal it has up to show progress, it said it was copying a conf file for chillispot. Not the sort of thing I'd expect to cause problems. I could minimize the window, but the arrow to hide the terminal didn't do anything on a mouse click. I opened up a separate terminal, and a 'ps -aux' showed a couple of processes that mentioned chillispot. I took a stab with 'kill' to end one of the processes (I should have looked more into the process codes, I guess). A window popped up to let me know configuration of chillispot had encountered an error, but that my upgrade would continue. So hopefully chillispot isn't something I use much. Guess I'll go read about it while I wait these last 10 (hopefully) minutes for the upgrade to finish. Plus it gives me time here on my XO.

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